Tattoo Artist Series

We've partnered up with some of our favorite tattoo artists to bring you a series of limited edition enamel pins!

Each month we feature a new artist by releasing a pin of their original artwork, and guess what?  You can only get your hands on these puppies from us or the artist.


Alex Zampirri

Alex specializes in colorful quirky subjects with traditional style . You can find Alex tattooing at Pennsylvania’s Heart and Soul Tattoo. 

Follow him on instagram @azamp_



Bryan Kienlen

Bryan specializes in bright and bold American Traditional tattoos. He is also the artist/songwriter/bass player of the Bouncing Souls. 

Follow him on instagram @bryan_kienlen



Cat Bijou

This Montreal tattoo artist is known for her bright & traditional designs with a feminine touch. She currently tattoos at Tatouage Electric Ave.

Follow her on instagram @cat_bijou



aidan monahan

Aidan P. Monahan is an Irish-born illustrator, painter, sculptor, and tattoo artist working in the San Francisco Bay area. He has been drawing and painting since he was a little boy and now creates work that reflects his happy and positive view of the world. 

Follow him on instagram @aidanmonahan



 Gabriel Massey

This Houston tattoo artist is known for his bold, traditional American and geometric dotwork. He currently tattoos at The Flying Squid.

Follow him on instagram @gabrielmasseytattooer



Dannii G

This Dallas based tattoo artist is known for his traditional and bold designs. He currently travels tattooing across the nation!

Follow him on instagram @dannii_ltp13



Michelle Wanhala

This Chicago tattoo artist is known for her quirky, cute & graphic designs. She currently works at Pioneer Tattoo.

Follow her on instagram @mwanhala



Michael Williams

This Austin tattoo artist is known for his neat and bold traditional designs & handmade tattoo machines. He currently works at Triple Crown Tattoo.

Follow him on instagram @beardedgentleman



Ian Bederman

Ian is an Austin based artist that specializes in sci-fi and retro fantasy tattoos done in a bold traditional style. He is also the illustrator and co-creator of Atomahawk for heavy metal magazine.

Follow him on instagram @wonkytiger


Kevin Poon

Kevin is a traditional and Japanese tattoo artist based in Houston, Texas. He currently works out of Richmond Ave Tattoo. 

Follow him on instagram @kyp80


Jared Green

Jared is a traditional tattoo artist in Houston, Texas. He also owns and operates Richmond Avenue Tattoo (formerly known as Old Crow Parlor). 

Follow him on instagram @jaredgreen_tattooer-ocp



Bonnie Boatright

Bonnie is a new-school traditional tattoo artist out of Ink Injection Tattoo Parlor in Spring, TX. This limited edition pin is perfect for lovers of tattoos, pins and lovely ladies. 

Follow her on instagram @bonniebtattoos